I’m Cherrie, and I want to share my love of life with you. I love every aspect of beauty and the acts of finding beauty in Everyday life. While I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to fashion, makeup and hair, I also look for the beauty in everything and everyone around me. I am a hiker, kayaker, and a naturalist. I am a photographer, animal lover, and seamstress. I am a reader, writer, and artist. I am a gamer, a wanderer, and a motivated homemaker with huge dreams and ambitions. I don’t allow anyone to squash me down while I endeavor to bring others up! I have PCOS and look forward to sharing not only my story with you but also to bring awareness. I have been told that I have too much faith in people, in humanity, but in the world through my eyes there IS good in everyone, and there IS always hope for a better tomorrow!


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