Mosquito Repellant Bracelets

I recently received some mosquito repellant bracelets to review, and while this winter weather is super great this year for outdoor activities it isn’t very conducive to testing out a mosquito repellant! Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised that these bracelets are a brand I have bought and used before, and would absolutely buy again. They are very reasonable in price, I believe I found them locally for $1.99, and these came to me through amazon so knowing that they are available year round via the magic of the internet is simply a bonus. They of course do have a scent to them and while I wouldn’t exactly call the scent pleasing it is not an unpleasant smell like some of the other bracelets and smelly sprays out there! I know from prior use that they ARE effective however I have yet to find a product that is 100% in my lovely wet wooded Indiana homeland, but it simply comes with the territory. I have had issues in the past with bracelets being too big since I have freakishly small hands and wrists… seriously, I have to buy kid sized gloved… it’s weird. These are coiled and perfect in size though… The coil clings tightly enough to stay firmly in place on my tiny wrists while hiking and even while paddling a kayak in a river,  while still being loose enough to not rip out the fine baby fuzz or leave indentation marks in my skin. The slight oily feel on the coil does NOT transfer off onto my skin and leaves no weird residue on me like others have. Overall I give these a ten out of ten, and would strongly encourage other outdoor enthusiasts with mosquito troubles to give them a shot!



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