Gear Lists

Someone contacted me late last night about camping and hiking gear, and got me thinking. I really need to make lists. I need a list of the gear I currently have, and I want a wishlist. All the things I need, want, or could dream of. That’s gonna happen, HERE AND NOW! So, straight into it then:

These 3 lists are what I already have, and it is PLENTY to get me by and I am perfectly capable of enjoying myself doing what I love with what I have, however if I were ever in a survival situation I would be screwed…

Hiking Gear I HAVE:

  • Coleman boots (too small)
  • generic barefoot shoes (tight but loved)
  • 2 hiking sticks
  • hydration pack with bladder
  • underarmour and vsx hoodies
  • whistle with compass
  • mosquito patches
  • kodak weatherproof camera
  • coleman foldup silverware knife thing
  • bic lighters

Camping Gear I HAVE:

  • 2 person tent
  • fleece sleeping bag liner
  • blow up sleeping pad
  • fireside chair
  • tiny lightweight carry along stool
  • lantern (missing handle)
  • swiss army knife
  • cooler

Kayaking Gear I HAVE:

  • Pelican Kayak
  • One paddle
  • One life jacket
  • small drybox (phone/camera does not fit)
  • water shoes (THESE SUCK!)
  • 2 ratcheting straps to tie onto rack


Here is the FUN part – wishlist! These are not going to be in ANY sort of order!

Gear I want (AKA Dream List):

  • new, better, larger hydration pack with multiple bladders
  • backpacking pack
  • boots that really fit
  • new barefoot trail shoes
  • hiking clothing for ALL seasons
  • knife(s)
  • personal gps
  • a better compass
  • paracord
  • compact but bright flashlight
  • firestarter
  • trekking poles
  • lifestraw (or some sort of water filter/iodine tabs)
  • compact first aid kit (with snakebite kit and epipen)
  • hammock for backpacking (the kind you hook to trees)
  • sport towel
  • headbands/hairties
  • waterproof notebook
  • a better weatherproof camera
  • single person tent or covered camping hammock
  • sleeping bag, ideally all season mummy bag but ANY actual sleeping bag!
  • camp pillow
  • larger tent for group camps
  • lantern(s)
  • cookware
  • machete
  • hatchet
  • axe
  • shovel
  • carabiners
  • thermal blankets
  • flares
  • mosquito net
  • larger drybox
  • paddle leash
  • floatie things you can hook to your keys/camera/etc
  • snow shoes
  • zinc
  • sunglasses (mine were lost to a river)
  • dehydrated food packs small enough for backpacking
  • rain gear
  • tactical flashlight(s)
  • kayak rack for my car
  • bicycle rack for my car
  • women’s “pee funnel” (I dont know what these are called but they sure look handy!)
  • over-the-fire grill
  • foldable hammock with frame
  • camp chairs
  • roasting sticks and pudgie pie makers
  • waterproof matches
  • zip ties
  • kayak anchor kit
  • dry bag
  • wetsuit
  • new seat for kayak
  • a two-person kayak and another paddle and life jacket


Wow. Like I said… DREAM LIST!! A girl could spend a fortune!




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